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Caring for Sick Pets

Hey everyone, I am really giddy that you are joining me on my lifestyle blog again. I had a very traumatic last night and today even, as we suddenly got really worried about our little kitty cat. His name is Duck, and he is super super cute and cuddly. This guy is the softest cat you will ever pet, if he lets you. When we saw him last night he was getting very lethargic and we were worried about his bloated belly which is most likely attributed to worms. Since we have had this little guy he has had worms a lot, we de-wormed him about 3 months ago but it seemed to not fully clear his belly. We then tried again a month after and found that nothing happened, so after that we got another type of medication which he proceeded to vomit onto the floor.

All of this culminated with me feeling really down about what to do for him. After having a very difficult time bringing him to the vet for the first two doses and then having to talk to a vet that doesn’t speak the same language as me for the third I was feeling defeated. Then it seemed there would finally be an answer when a big veterinarian society came to town for the weekend. Unfortunately I could not get a hold of the correct people there(the number I had been given was for a vet who had not made the trip) and I never ended up finding them, even after a twenty minute drive in town with the cat in my satchel. We have finally given him another type of medication today with more doses to come, and will be seeing the vanishing vets at the end of this week to get everything sorted out proper.

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