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Dancing in the Rain

Hey lovelies, welcome back to my lifestyle blog where I go over everything that happens in my life. Last time I spoke to everyone on here I was writing about growing veggies from scraps, and now I am going to talk about one of my other spring/summer pastimes. Dancing and singing in the rain! There has been tons and tons of rain lately, enough to take away the whole ugh rain feeling and replace it with yay rain. Putting on rain boots and a rain jacket before running into the rain feels amazing. Of course, I have ruined a pair of pants or two doing this, but that is okay as I found some other great pants for sale on as a remarkable price. Here is my dancing in the rain outfit.

Dancing in the Rain

Rain Coat

This one should be obvious. A good raincoat will have a rubber exterior that stops all water from entering. A bad raincoat will have a plastic exterior that will stop water from entering up to a certain point. Both of these styles can be found online at which has the best prices for rain coats. Obviously for singing in the rain a nice brightly coloured rain coat is the best, as it keeps that bright mood. Polyvore makes some great, bright yellow rain coats that I would advise looking at if you are wanting that classic look. You can also do some decorations yourself to make it a more happy color by using colored duct tape on it.

Yellow rain jacket


Call me crazy, but I love having some leggings on in the rain. They feel great anyways, and when the humidity presses them even tighter against your legs they feel even better. Plus, it adds some fashion to your outfit, and it makes it easy to throw off the raincoat and go out for some drinks, to  movie or wherever. Take a look at some of the Forever 21 leggings for sale on and tell me what you think. The price is just right, and the quality is amazing. Plus, it’s Forever 21. Those leggings look amazing no matter what outfit they are a part of.

Forever 21


The last part of my dancing in the rain outfit is the top and the bottom, or the boots and the hat as others call it. There are tons of options available, from the classic fisherman’s wharf rubber hat to the woolen bobble hat (that one might get a little wet however). Let me know what boots and hats you all would wear when singing in the rain, I am really interesting in knowing how others finish their outfit. For anyone who enjoyed this post and wants to keep reading my blogs, then why not take a look at my guide to sleeping well. Have a great day everyone, talk to you real soon.