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How to get a good night’s sleep

How to get a good night’s sleep

Make your bed

Probably something your mum and dad told you when you were little.  Now, I’m not saying it needs to be crisp and tucked in like a hotel room. But simply having the sheets pulled up means that your bed, and bedroom looks more inviting when you get home.

No emails

Whilst we are all guilty of sending and answering emails at home, you have to set boundaries. Whether that means you no longer respond past 9pm, or after dinner.  Either way, no emails in bed means you will be settled down much earlier.



If you haven’t got company and you’re not planning on heading out, then putting your pjs on as soon as you get home is perfectly fine.  Throw that bra off, shove your hair into a messy bun and get your pjs and slippers on.  No more needing to be a human for the rest of the day.

Meal plan

Knowing what you’re going to be eating before you get home can make evening massively less stressful.  Grocery shop on the weekend, and defrost items in the morning so that the evening runs smoothly

Hang out with friends

Who says weekends are the only time to see friends? Catch up over happy hour cocktails, or take a fitness class together, or even Invite friends over for dinner. After a hard day at work theres nothing better than catching up with friends and relaxing together. Life’s abotu fun not work after all.

Tea and chocolate

Have a nice cup of a herbal tea just before bed. Choose a ginger, lemon or chamomile tea to get you ready for sleep.  Just make sure you stay away from certain teas, like English breakfast, which contain caffeine to keep you awake.