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How to grow your own vegetables from scraps.

How to grow your own vegetables from scraps.

Growing your own vegetables can be so rewarding.  And growing from scrap can be one of the easiest ways to grow food.  


The easiest place to start.  As a potato gets older, they begin to shoot out ‘roots’ in an attempt to stay alive for longer.  The shoots are known as eyes.  

To grow your own potatoes all you need to do is make sure you peel the potato before using it.  You’ll need to peel the potato in 2 inch strips, making sure they have at least 2 eyes per strip.  You need to then air dry them for 1 – 2 days so they don’t become rotten.  

When they’re dried, plant the potato pieces.  You need to have them 4 inches down, with the eyes facing upwards.


Ever go to the supermarket to buy a lettuce and find its still got the roots attached?  If so that’s great news for you! Leave at least 2 inches above the roots intact.  Place the roots in a large glass of water, and wait for fresh leaves to appear.  Even if you don’t find a lettuce with roots attached don’t fret.  Take one or two leaves and places them into the glass jar.  Wait and watch as roots grow out the bottom ready to start the growing process

Spring Onions

spring onion

Easy peasy.  Spring onions, green onions, scallions or whatever else you want to call them are so ridiculously easy it’s insane. Make sure that when you buy spring onions they have a few white roots on the bottom.  This ensures that the plant will regenerate wel.  Next make sure that when you cut the spring onion you keep at least 2 inches of the plant.  Use a glass jar with water and place them on a sunny windowsill.